All events at the MIT Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament will be written, carefully vetted, or run by Science Olympiad alumni.  Furthermore, all event materials and supplies will be funded by the budget of Science Olympiad at MIT.  This means that, unlike at most tournaments, coaches will not be required to write tests or otherwise volunteer at the invitational, leaving them free to focus solely on coaching their own teams.

All 23 Division C national events will be run at the MIT Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament:

Anatomy & Physiology
Chemistry Lab
Disease Detectives
Dynamic Planet
Electric Vehicle
Experimental Design
Game On

Invasive Species
Materials Science
Microbe Mission
Remote Sensing
Robot Arm
Rocks and Minerals
Wind Power
Write It Do It


Trial Events

Trial events are optional and do not count for team points, but the top teams in each trial event will be awarded medals.  Team members and alternates may participate in trial events.

The confirmed trial events for the 2017 Invitational are Quantum Quandaries and Picture This. Based on suggestions we have received, we will also be running Fermi Questions and We’ve Got Your Number. These trial events will be self-scheduled. The rules posted here are tentative and may be updated by the supervisors. Finalized versions of the rules will be posted by the end of December.

Event Notes

We will adhere to all rules clarifications and FAQs posted on  Additional tournament-specific notes will be listed below.