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Posted on Sep 05, 2018
Last updated on Sep 04, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Registration will open September 19th, at 7PM EST. We’ll run all 23 Division C national events, including lab and engineering events, with a schedule mirroring the National Tournament schedule as closely as possible. As before, all events will be written, reviewed, and run by Science Olympiad alumni currently at MIT, national tournament event supervisors, and/or former Science Olympiad competitors from the highest levels of competition. This means that coaches will not be required to write tests or otherwise volunteer at the invitational, leaving them free to focus solely on coaching their own teams. And, of course, competitors will experience the beauty and craziness of MIT.

The link to the registration form is

In light of the rapidly decreasing registration times we have seen in the past few years, we have decided to transition towards a tiered lottery system to allow a diverse pool of competitors while still maintaining the rigor of our tournament. Schools will be lotteried according to the highest ranked tier they are in. If a school is not selected by lottery from the highest tier they are initially placed in, they will be dropped to the next tier that they qualify for and will be lotteried once more. The tiers are listed below:

1. Top 10 teams at the MIT Invitational in the previous year: all ten teams will be automatically accepted if they submit an application

2. Schools qualifying for Nationals in the previous year: out of the teams that submit an application, 15 teams will be chosen by lottery. Teams that qualify for Tier 2 but do not make it as a Tier 2 team are added Tier 4.

3. Massachusetts Schools: 20 teams will be selected from this pool ensuring that at least 20 Massachusetts teams are able to come to our competition. Teams that qualify for Tier 3 but do not make it as a Tier 3 team are added Tier 4.

4. General pool: depending on how many spots are remaining, schools will be selected by a lottery process

Schools that would like to bring two teams can fill out a brief application regarding why they need to bring two teams— the applications will be reviewed to make sure as many people are satisfied as possible. Tier 2, 3, and 4 are randomly selected from the applicants at the end of every week until the all the slots are full. The cutoff for the first selection is 11:59PM Friday, September 21st. If there are any spots still available after the first selection, the next selection will be held approximately one week later. Please apply as early as you can.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We thank you for your support of MIT Science Olympiad.


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