Event Information

Last updated: January 21, 2021

This page will continue to be updated as we finalize more details. Be sure to check back later for more information regarding our 2021 events.

Events List

Events will be run according to the eligible and replacement events on the miniSO event chart, except for Gravity Vehicle. Replacement events will be run as trial events. Alternates may compete in the trial events.

Events will use national-level rules. Any national and invitational event clarifications will be published on our Scilympiad page.

All events will be open internet unless otherwise mentioned (Codebusters). However, no communication with other people, aside from your partner(s), is allowed. See Test Taking for additional test-taking information.


The Codebusters Exam will be a normal test; the timed question has its own way of submitting online which will take the latest correct submission. If it is incorrect, you will be able to submit again. No online searching or computer assistance can be used for the test.

Detector Building

The Detector Building event will only consist of the exam portion, and there will be no device testing.

Experimental Design

In so many ways, this event is hard to conduct virtually. That is why we have taken every effort to retain the integrity, accessibility, and spirit of the rules of the event when deciding to run it as part of the virtual tournament. We will attempt to adhere as closely to standard event structure as possible, and anything you need to know we’ve included below.

Protein Modeling

The Protein Modeling Exam will be run as closely to how it would have been in an in-person exam. Rules for the 2020-2021 season will be followed. There is NO pre-build section, and points are allotted so that 75% of the total score comes from the exam and 25% comes from an online JMOL computer exploration section, details of which are included in the test itself. All other rules provided by MIT Science Olympiad (open internet, etc) apply as well.

Sounds of Music

The Sounds of Music event will only consist of the exam portion, and there will be no device testing.

Trial Event: Digital Structures

Digital Structures Rules

Trial Event: Lean Mean Meme Machine

Lean Mean Meme Machine Rules

Lean Mean Meme Machine Pre-build Prompts

Trial Event: Write It CAD It

Write It CAD It Rules

Write It CAD It will be using FreeCAD Version 0.18.4. There will be two separate events for WICI on Scilympiad: one for the writer and one for the CADer. Please make sure that your coach has assigned the correct person (there should be only one person assigned to each). Writer will first start his/her test and have 25 mins to write the instruction in the provided text box with given screenshots of the build. The CADer will then start his/her test immediately after and have 20 mins to download the CAD files, assemble it, and upload it (instructions for upload and download will be on the test). Scilympiad should automatically handle showing the written instruction from the writer to the CADer.